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Welcome to Juju's Atelier!


My name is Juliette – but I go by Juju!– and this is my atelier!

I am a self taught crafter, but I like to think of myself as an artist, as my creative process starts inside my head and I try to turn the seed of an idea into something that makes sense from a visual and plastic standpoint.

Juju's Atelier is the reflection of my artistic journey, I enjoy experimenting new techniques and different materials, exploring new inspirations, and styles, while nurturing my personal and singular identity. You will probably notice while you browse that my creative cravings vary along the way...

I like to think that the items I craft embody an artistic expression while having a clear use, so I hope you will find happiness in this compromise! I also appreciate that all tastes are in nature, that's why I'm more than happy to offer custom orders upon request. I can also accommodate variations in shapes, sizes, materials, and colors so do not hesitate to request them.

I believe the above sums up pretty well Juju's Atelier mission statement Eclectic pretty things: offering aesthetic things that meet everyone's uniqueness and personal taste.

All of the items here on  Juju's Atelier are being sold on Etsy, a global marketplace for unique and creative goods. Simply click the orange button which reads Buy it on Etsy and it will take you directly there! You can rest assured that Etsy has a reliable and safe payment system.

I hope you enjoy my little pretty things as much as I enjoyed making them!



For any enquiries, go to the Contact section.

Little bonuses

Besides supplying you with unique, out of the ordinary, pretty things, Juju's Atelier comes with its share of little bonuses...

Gift Wrapping

Juju's Atelier ships gifts in a beautiful, handcrafted, zero waste gift wrap upon request.

Every order also comes with a signature 'thank you' heart origami, ready to be magnetized onto your fridge!

Custom orders

Are you looking for something special for a very special occasion? Are you buying for someone close to your heart?

Juju's Atelier strongly supports personnalised orders!

  • Variations in materials
  • Variations in shapes
  • Variations in colours
  • Name/message incorporation

Want a free quote?

For special requests and custom orders, drop me a line today for a free quote!