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Flat Cuddly Giraffe

Flat Cuddly Giraffe

This giraffe comforter is super soft and really cute! Your baby's curiosity will be aroused by its bright yellow colour, and he/she will love cuddle its fluffy plush!
This cute giraffe will also stimulate your baby's sense of touch thanks to its various fabrics, such as felt (giraffe's spots), cotton (muzzle), and suede leather cord (horns and tail).
This giraffe comforter is perfect as a baby shower or birth present!

What age is it suitable for?
There is no actual required age, it all depends on your little one! The only prerequisite is that they should be able to grasp things by themselves.

Super fluffy plush fabric (100% polyester, free of harmful substances)
Natural woven cotton
Felt fabric
Suede leather lace

H10.8 inch x W8.5 inch (H27.5 cm x L21.5 cm)

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