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Montessori Clutch Ball – ‘Sky Full of Kites’

Montessori Clutch Ball – ‘Sky Full of Kites’

What is a Puzzle Ball?
A puzzle ball is a soft ball made of 12 small cushions filled with organic cotton assembled together. These cushions actually act as handles as you are about to find out.
The puzzle ball is a Montessori alternative. Montessori is a new approach to parenting by ‘following the child’.
The puzzle ball is also commonly referred to as: Clutch Ball, Puzzle Ball, Amish Puzzle Ball, Baby Fabric Ball, Infant Sensory Ball, Takane Ball, Grab Ball, Toss ‘n Play Ball, Brainy Ball, Snuzzle Ball, and Cuddly Ball.

What’s its purpose?
The way a baby’s ability to grasp/grip is closely correlated with its psychic development. In the very beginning, grasping is very much a reflex but then the infant learns how to control his hands and make deliberate and precise movements. When the baby attempts to grab the ball, he exercises his hands, develops their muscles, and he even develops his vision which are our main tools. The puzzle hand is the perfect toy for your baby’s sensory development and eye-hand coordination.

How old does your baby need to be to use it?
The puzzle ball is suitable for babies of 4-6 months of age (note that it is quite successful with older babies who use it in a different way).
At the age of 4-6 months, the ability to grasp is through the palm: babies grasp objects using their thumb and their little finger, and the ring finger and the middle finger hold the object inside of the palm.
The small cushions (which act as handles) of the puzzle ball make it really easy for a baby to grasp. Because the puzzle ball is made of fabric, it means it doesn’t roll like the usual plastic balls, this will encourage your baby to grasp it and play with it joyfully!

Circumference of 11.8 inches (30 cm)

100% cotton fabric
Small kites and colourful bows Print – Perfect to spark your little one’s curiosity

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