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Multi Shapes Montessori Sensory Pillows

Multi Shapes Montessori Sensory Pillows

Sensory Multi Shape Cushion Pillows

One set of 3 cushion pillows - one square, one triangle, and one oval.

The pillows contain respectively black beans (touch), lavender flowers (smell), and spelt (touch and hearing).
The fabric is 100% cotton.
For obvious safety reasons, the contents of the pillows are contained within another layer of fabric inside of the outer fabric.
Measurements - 5.5 inches

What are Sensory Cushion Pillows?
Sensory cushion pillows are small pillows designed to stimulate nearly all of your toddler's senses:
- Sight through the colourful fabrics, and various shapes
- Touch through the things the pillows are stuffed with (beans, spelt, giant couscous, etc.),
- Smell through the various smells (coffee beans, lavender flowers)
- Hearing through the various sounds produced when manipulating seeds (spelt squeaks, beans and giant couscous clink together, etc.).

Sensory cushion pillows are a Montessori alternative. Montessori is a new approach to parenting by 'following the child'.

How does it work?
Sensory cushion pillows are an educational game that consists in isolating troublesome movements or activities and teaching them to the child separately. The goal is to avoid overwhelming the toddler by allowing him/her to focus on a single "skill": sorting things, transferring things from one place to another, getting familiar with various smells, touches, shapes, etc. One skill at a time always!
This set focuses on sharpening the senses (that's why they are called sensory cushion pillows)

What age are they suitable for?
There is no actual required age, it all depends on your little one! The only prerequisite is that they should be able to grasp things by themselves.

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