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Baby in Origamiland

Baby in Origamiland

Baby Origami Mobile

This enchanting hand-made mobile will provide your baby with plenty of beautiful little things to stare out!
It subtly comprises of origami figurines, rustic laces, and paper hot air balloons elegantly hanging from thin cotton threads attached to a 2 embroidery hoop structure. Your baby will have plenty of beautiful little things to stare at!
The elegant combination of paper, lace, and wood will make your baby’s bedroom look like a soft and sweet cocoon. This dreamy mobile is the perfect finishing touch to any shabby chic style nursery.


– origami paper
– rustic laces
– cotton threads
– embroidery hoop x 2
– small bells
– plastic (basket of balloons)


I originally made this mobile for my beloved nephew Raphael, its overall length is 29.5 inches (75 cm), but I can custom it to different sizes. Request any customisation (make sure you include a description of what you have in mind) when placing your order on Etsy, or drop me an e-mail  for a free quote.


Colours, Dimensions, Origami Figures. The name of your baby can also be incorporated free of charge.
Simply request when placing your order on Etsy or drop me an e-mail .


Note that this is a decorative object, it’s for your little one to watch only. Keep it out of children’s reach as it contains small parts.

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